Joyful Conversations with Homeschool Moms

With so many parents finding themselves homeschooling due to school cancellations in response to the Corona Virus, I’m creating a Joyful Conversations video series in the Joyful Momentum Facebook group.  The videos offer practical tips to get started in your homeschool.  I’m not a homeschooler (at least I wasn’t until last week), so I’ve invited some of my favorite homeschool friends to have short conversations about their teaching, classroom structure, self-care, at all kinds of topics in between. You’ll find the video notes here!

Joyful Conversations – Homeschool Mentors Connect I’ve heard a lot of moms (myself included) say that we don’t feel up to the task of homeschooling. We’re scared.  But we’re not alone.  In the Joyful Momentum Facebook Group, we pairing up new homsechool moms with experienced homeschool moms so that you can have joyful conversations about your unique experiences and concerns.  To be a Homeschool Mentor, simply fill out the Experienced Homeschool Mentor form, and we’ll match you with a New Homeschooler.  To be assigned a mentor, simply fill out the New Homeschooler form.

***As a common sense disclaimer, Joyful Momentum is merely making an introduction.  I make no warranty about the mentors or new homeschoolers.  I’m leaving it to the individuals to link up digitally and take precautions about exchanging personal information or meeting in person.