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I’m excited to bring you this Glad Tidings, a FREE Advent Devotional for 2020

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father and son lighting candles
Sacred Heart Enthronement. A reflection for Saturday of the Third Week of Advent
jesus christ figurine
This forced isolation is a perfect time to get my life together! I’m going to organize and purge, quit binge-watching
car oldtimer classic car yellow car
In our family we play a variation of Slug Bug called “Yellow Car.” The thought was to make the game
photo of child reading holy bible
When my daughter was just starting to talk, I remember wanting to make sure we always said grace before meals.
Today’s gospel reading centers on the idea of authority. The Pharisees want to know where Jesus is doing all the
four brown wax candles
oy is infectious. People will catch joy from you, even if you're wearing a mask and are giving out hand

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