Reader Reviews

Archbishop for the Military Services, USA

“Elizabeth Tomlin, Army wife, mother, and attorney, provides an excellent, prayerful reflection on integrating the Gospel into everyday life. Her prose will inspire readers both within and outside the military.”

The Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio

This book is an excellent inspiration for cultivating women’s ministries that make an impact. I love how Elizabeth’s self-deprecating sense of humor shines through, making Joyful Momentum eminently readable and relatable. Elizabeth admits that she doesn’t have all the answers, but she HAS been bolstered along her faith journey by kind and faithful women. She takes all of these lessons and presents a step-by step guide to creating a dynamic ministry rooted in trusting the bold activity of the Spirit. I recommend this book because of its practical suggestions, relatable stories, and because it is well-rooted in the Scriptures and the Catholic faith.

N. Belmont, Author

My copy of Joyful Momentum arrived yesterday and I have already devoured it! My eyes started to well up reading the introduction with a story about her children while her husband was deployed. Elizabeth just gets it: she understands what women are going through and what they are looking for from their relationships with other women. Elizabeth’s stories and tips are so relatable and make me feel energized to work on growing the women’s ministry at my parish. As a fellow military spouse I can relate to her experiences with moving and growing ministries in different areas, but I think her practical and helpful tips are incredibly useful to anyone looking to grow meaningful relationships, whether Catholic or not. I recommend this book to all women of faith and think the chapter on resolving conflict would be especially beneficial to teens and tweens whom are just beginning to enter into mature relationships with other girls and women. Love, love, love this book. Cannot say enough good things about it!

Sarah, Amazon Reviewer

EWTN Host and best-selling author of Rooted in Love

“Joyful Momentum is the go-to handbook for today’s Catholic women’s ministries. Through heartfelt and inspiring anecdotes, Tomlin shows the read how to discern the call to women’s ministry and offers the fundamental how-tos of building it. Essential foundation elements and unsurpassed practices are underscored as abundant encouragement is woven through to help you to discover your feminine genius; to you know, love, and serve God through women’s ministry. Tomlin also show how to keep a joyful momentum, avoid discouragement, competition, and conflict. I highly recommend this book.”

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Founder of
Author of The Grace of Yes

“Whether you are building from the ground up or are part of an established group looking to take your ministry to the next level, you’ll learn from Elizabeth’s personal experience in establishing and leading ministries around the country. Trust her as a guide and joyful companion to creating the greatest gift you can give yourself and your parish!”

Lisa Hendey

Co-director for the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference
Co-author of The Friendship Project and Divine Mercy for Moms

“With powerful, practical and spirit-filled writing, Elizabeth Tomlin builds upon foundational concepts for starting, maintaining, and growing an effective faith-filled women’s ministry and more importantly, leading women into a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this thorough and well-written guide!”

Michele Faehnle