Sarah, Amazon Reviewer

My copy of Joyful Momentum arrived yesterday and I have already devoured it! My eyes started to well up reading the introduction with a story about her children while her husband was deployed. Elizabeth just gets it: she understands what women are going through and what they are looking for from their relationships with other women. Elizabeth’s stories and tips are so relatable and make me feel energized to work on growing the women’s ministry at my parish. As a fellow military spouse I can relate to her experiences with moving and growing ministries in different areas, but I think her practical and helpful tips are incredibly useful to anyone looking to grow meaningful relationships, whether Catholic or not. I recommend this book to all women of faith and think the chapter on resolving conflict would be especially beneficial to teens and tweens whom are just beginning to enter into mature relationships with other girls and women. Love, love, love this book. Cannot say enough good things about it!