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Hello! I’m Elizabeth Tomlin. I’m a Catholic author and General Counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. I have worked in women’s ministry for more than a decade. I love to write about all things faith-related – scripture, Church history, parish ministry, and more. I wrote Joyful Momentum: Growingcontinue reading.

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Growing and Sustaining Vibrant Women’s Groups  (A Catholic Handbook) Are you interested in connecting with other women who share your faith, interests, and everyday concerns? A vibrant, self-sustaining women’s ministry will help you achieve this goal, can take many forms, and is a key component of any vital parish, says Elizabeth Tomlin, who… continue reading


I’m enthusiastic about the potential of speaking at your gathering. I work with groups — large or small — on a variety of topics including the Catholic faith, family, and life as a mom, daughter, wife, and Army spouse.  Committed to Catholic teaching, I bring an upbeat style and inviting atmosphere to my talks and… Continue reading

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Archbishop for the Military Services, USA

“Elizabeth Tomlin, Army wife, mother, and attorney, provides an excellent, prayerful reflection on integrating the Gospel into everyday life. Her prose will inspire readers both within and outside the military.”

The Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio

This book is an excellent inspiration for cultivating women’s ministries that make an impact. I love how Elizabeth’s self-deprecating sense of humor shines through, making Joyful Momentum eminently readable and relatable. Elizabeth admits that she doesn’t have all the answers, but she HAS been bolstered along her faith journey by kind and faithful women. She takes all of these lessons and presents a step-by step guide to creating a dynamic ministry rooted in trusting the bold activity of the Spirit. I recommend this book because of its practical suggestions, relatable stories, and because it is well-rooted in the Scriptures and the Catholic faith.

N. Belmont, Author

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