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I’m excited to bring you this Glad Tidings, a FREE Advent Devotional for 2020

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colorful lights on illuminated street in evening
A Canticle for the End of Advent. “Lord open my lips, and my mouth will proclaim your praise” (Ps 51:17).
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Parents have great hopes and dreams more often than not when they bring a child into the world. What will
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To be seen through the eyes of God, even in our lowliness, is a true blessing. As women we know
As we draw nearer to the birth of our Lord and prepare for his arrival, today’s Gospel perfectly illustrates how
If you’ve been keeping up with the readings this Advent, you’ll notice that today’s Gospel is the same Scripture that
shallow focus photography of religious figurines
Have you ever prayed “God’s will be done” for a specific intention, but you’re secretly praying that God will answer

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