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Lessons from the Laundromat
Do you ever feel like you're stuck in too much hard stuff? Here's a piece on how spending a summer
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I See You; You Matter
Do you ever experience self-doubt, or convince yourself that someone might not want to hear what God has called you
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Mary Magdalene: Apostle to the Apostles
Today is the feast of Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles. Conversion like hers can take us from a place
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Tips for Faith-filled Summer Travels
Tips for keeping grounded in the Faith this summer.
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Control Issues? Do Whatever I Tell You.
Do you like to have control over your life . . . like where you live, sleep, eat, work, worship?
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Miraculous Medal
May is for Mary Gardens
May is a month of honoring Mary in our Catholic Church. Let's chat about Mary Gardens
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