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I’m excited to bring you this Glad Tidings, a FREE Advent Devotional for 2020

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I love watching HGTV. I love seeing neglected houses, in sad states of disrepair, transformed  into something new and beautiful.
red lighted candle
I hate crowds. I don’t hate the people in them, but I really don’t like to be in the midst
I'm excited to share with you Good Tidings, an Advent Devotional for 2020. You can read Good Tidings daily by
I've partnered with CatholicMom to bring you an amazing Catholic Mom Summer 13-15 November 2020. Registration is FREE!
woman in white long sleeve shirt holding white flower
Finding balance in our busy lives is hard. This year, my aspirations of autumn “me time” in a quiet café
Why you should keep writing even on the hard days. Don't give up on your craft.

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