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When Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Child Don’t Turn Out the Way You Planned

Parents have great hopes and dreams more often than not when they bring a child into the world. What will he or she become? We pray for health and for happiness, surely. But many pray that the gifts God bestows on them will be used well and appreciated by the child, that the gifts will be used to glorify God. Whatever the hopes and prayers, things don’t always turn out the way we expect.

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Advent Devotional Wednesday, 2 December

I hate crowds. I don’t hate the people in them, but I really don’t like to be in the midst of a lot of people. Today’s Gospel account includes a really large group of people who have come out to see Jesus. And these crowds bring to Jesus a lot of people in need of healing, and Jesus cures them. The results of these miracles cause the crowds to be amazed, and who can blame them?